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Lango Redlands is creating multilingual children with our full-immersion foreign language program that teaches Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese to children ages 4-11!  Taught by native speaking teachers, classes are 45-minutes in length and offered in small group settings of 5-10 students.  LANGO DAY CAMP is offered 3 weeks during the summer for ages 4-12 at our new location: Trinity Episcopal Church!!

Summer Camp Now Enrolling! 3 fun Spanish weeks at Trinity Episcopal Church, July 8-26

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Now accepting Camp Interns.

Bilingual high school students may work at Camp Lango.

Lango offers classes at local public and private schools.  Visit Lango at my school or call for a FREE trial class!  (909) 528-3154.


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Last year Lango Redlands provided 15% of revenue to the Redlands USD..

Why Learn Languages at a Young Age? To give your child the world!

Teaching a second language helps kids enhance their cognitive development, resulting in better grades and higher test scores later in life. Parents are also drawn to increasing their children's cultural awareness to help them succeed in our multi-cultural society. 

Congress and even the President have called for the promotion of better language education.  At Lango, we agree that kids in the US are in severe need of quality language programs. Every normal child has the opportunity to become multilingual but many adults and teenagers find it extremely challenging.  Don't wait until learning a language is a chore.  Help your child to learn another language while it's still fun and natural!

Learning a language is a lifelong endeavor but kids who start young are most likely to gain benefits ranging from cross-functional cognitive development to accent-free pronunciation. Through our partnership with study abroad programs such as www.ayusa.org Lango offers many ways to continue language learning past early childhood.

Want your child to excel in English & Math?

 “Given the appropriate environment, two languages are as normal as two lungs” (Cook 2002:23).

It is not even necessary to have perfect fluency in every language you learn to reap the benefits.  The benefits of multiple languages are well-documented. Multilingual children and adults have been proven to:

  • learn more rapidly in their native language, e.g. to read, regardless of race, gender, or academic level
  • be better able to deal with distractions, which delays onset of Alzheimer's
  • have a better ear for listening and sharper memories;
  • develop better spatial abilities
  • display greater cognitive flexibility, better problem solving and higher-order thinking skills;
  • see their own culture from a new perspective, enabling the comparison of cultural concepts
  • better understand people of other countries, thereby lessening racism and intolerance
  • learn further languages more quickly
  • to say nothing of the social and employment advantages of being bilingual – offering the student the ability to communicate with people s/he would otherwise not have the chance to interact with, and increasing job opportunities

Click to read the full article  The Benefits of Multilingualism.

Not convinced yet?  Read a short article to find out how even a once a week language class helps your child's brain develop.

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