What Parents Are Saying

The excitement in kids' eyes while they are in class speaks volumes. I'll never forget when Jasmine (Age 5) turned to her mom and said "This is so fun!" in the middle of her first Spanish class.  Here are what some parents are saying about their experience with Lango.

"After her first lesson Kate has been having her dolls do "Chinese lesson" in her pretend play!"

"Josephine is enjoying the class and already coming home with phrases she has learned."

"Every day Sydney asks me, is Spanish class today, Mommy?  I was so relieved it was finally Wednesday."

"My son comes home and practices with his little brother.  While he's playing he uses Spanish words, like abajo and the colors. The Spanish I learned in school is starting to come back, too."

"We were in Italy two weeks ago and a man who was visiting from China stepped out of a shop onto the street in front of Devyn, my two year old. She looked up and waved her hand and said "Ni hao!" He laughed and said 'Ni hao' back!

"They could hardly sleep after their second lesson, I think it was the new wrinkles in their brains!"

Lango in the News

Check out a recent article in the Press Enterprise about our Chinese classes and a current debate about Chinese language education in America.